As a frequent flyer, I find the Winner Airport Parking coupon very useful for curbing the costs of long-term parking. You may be wondering why I am sticking out with my car when I can simply hire a service van to drop me off and pick me up at the Philadelphia International Airport. While it is a good suggestion, I prefer to keep my car nearby since I occasionally make stops at our office before heading home. Besides, I am not really used to being shuttled to and from the airport in another vehicle. That’s why I do my parking at Winner’s facility where I always get driven and picked up in my own car.

Why You Should Use A Winner Airport Parking Coupon?

Whether you are preparing for a business trip or a holiday vacation, I suggest that you take advantage of the cheap parking rate at Winner by using a discount coupon. In comparison, Winner’s standard rate offers more value for money than the economy parking provided by the airport management. At $11 daily fee, a 24-hour parking at the off-site facility already includes tax and roundtrip transfers to and from the airport. This rate can be made even more affordable with a coupon that gives you up to 40% discount or roughly $6.50 a day. That amounts to $20 for a three-day parking—easily the cost of a whole day parking at the garage of the airport.Coupon for Winner airport parking

Winner Airport Parking charges the parked cars based on flight schedules. When I first arrived at their facility, they asked me for the departure and arrival dates, including the estimated time of those flights. Somehow, I find their policy regarding daily charge quite confusing. According to their rates, the standard daily fee will automatically apply after 11 am. This is why I always cross my fingers and wish that my flight is not going to be cancelled or delayed. However, since such circumstances cannot be avoided, I just make sure that I have a discount coupon before driving up to Winner.

Where To Find Coupons For Winner Airport Parking?

Recently, several niche websites have been offering deals on parking spaces near the airport. I always check them out before going to Winner, and yes, even before booking my flight. Since there is only one Winner parking facility in Philly, it only takes a few minutes to get a discount stub online which is redeemable at the site. Some coupons are printable, while others are applicable for online reservations. The good thing is that Winner also accepts coupons from its competitors.

Other Ways To Get Discounts

Aside from the use of coupons,Airport parking road sign Winner Airport Parking also regularly provides discounts to AAA (American Automobile Association) and AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) members. Simply present your membership card to the staff upon check-in and you will be entitled to a 10% discount. A new lower rate will be applied to your daily parking charge.

Free Parking For Regular Customers

I am currently on my way to earning a free 5-day parking at Winner’s facility. The Frequent Parking Program rewards the loyal clients with free car space use upon reaching a minimum of 10 visits. You can use your Winner airport parking coupon for making those frequent stays at the facility.